August 24, 2017 by Mary Anne Pazanowski

Bloomberg BNA: Physician Group Consolidations Let Doctors Be Doctors

With mounting pressures in health care reform and an increased need for funds to invest in new technology and quality programs, more doctors are moving away from running their own practices and instead, opting to join physician-owned, physician-run practices such as Summit Medical Group (SMG).

A recent article published in Bloomberg Law proves a case for this type of practice model, using SMG as a strong, worthy example of a group that places fundamental resources at physicians’ fingertips, affording them the luxury of time needed to focus on what matters most to them- their patients. What doctor (what patient, for that matter) wouldn’t be intrigued? 

We should take pride in being recognized by a prominent news outlet as a leading example of a health care system that is working for both doctors and patients.

Learn more about how the physician-owned, physician-run model, which SMG is built on, is a great option for doctors and patients alike.