Finally, an innovative alternative for medical group management

Managing a medical group has never been more challenging. As the fee-for-service model transitions to one based on value, physicians are under increased pressure to demonstrate value to patients, employers and insurance companies. That is becoming increasingly difficult for independent groups who don’t have the resources, time, infrastructure, or the required investment capital.

So how do you successfully transition your practice to value-based care? How do you deal with demands for investment in sophisticated infrastructure, and rising MACRA compliance costs? Summit Health Management has the answers your group has been seeking. As a physician-led and governed organization, we have a unique understanding of the challenging healthcare landscape, and we have a proven model that can help you meet the challenges without the pitfalls inherent in typical group management options.

Keeping Doctors in the Driver’s Seat

Many medical groups are trading autonomy for security by joining local or regional healthcare systems or publicly traded for-profit companies. With these options, physicians often feel they have less control of their practice and are removed from the decision-making process.

We are different. As an offshoot of the highly successful Summit Medical Group (one of the largest physician-owned medical practices in the United States), Summit Health Management (SHM) has a very different value proposition because we operate under a physician-governed model. As physicians, we always prioritize patient care, knowing that achieving clinical success inevitably leads to financial success.

We’re Working Toward Improved Outcomes for Patients … and Improved Financial Success

SHM provides an alternative model that lets physicians do what they do best — practice medicine. We enable physicians to provide high-quality medical care to their patients. As an independent, physician-owned and governed healthcare company, we have the right expertise to provide group practices with clinical, administrative, and financial management services.

Our goal is to help your group lead the market as a physician-led, professionally managed entity. We have spent decades honing our methods and proving our model with Summit Medical Group, and we’re now ready to share our best practices with other independent medical groups. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that we customize based on the needs of our partners.

Tackling the Transition to Value-Based Care

Partnering with SHM enables independent medical groups to prosper as they transition to value-based care. Our partners maintain control, streamline operations and focus on patient care, all while taking advantage of SHM’s proven organizational structure, workflow algorithms, and care pathways.